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White EA70 handlebars not available until March

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I want to put this out there so others don't make the same mistake. Here's the long story, skip to the bottom for the point.

Couple weeks ago (12/21) I ordered a white EA70 handlebar from Speedgoat. They were one of only a few sites that advertised the EA70s in white and the only one that claimed to have them in stock. They also had them on sale until 12/31, so I pulled the trigger.

I received order confirmation on 12/28 and a day later they sent me an email telling me that not only are the white bars NOT in stock, but they don't expect them to be until March.

This was the email I received:

Thanks for your order! Easton is letting us know that they have had some delays with white product. They are saying that this bar will not be available now until March, 2010. We apologize on their behalf for the significant delay on this item.

Your card has not been charged. You are welcome to leave this order in our system until the bar is available. If you have an alternative bar you were considering, we could make a substitution for you.

However, given the significant delay, we understand that you may just want your order cancelled.

Please let us know how you would like your order handled.
To which I responded:

me said:
Alright, seeing as the Easton bar is not available I would like to cancel that order. I'm building up a new bike and can't wait until March. I would suggest that you change your website to reflect the lack of availability, as it currently claims that you have all six models of the EA70 in stock.

The bottom line:

To date, Speedgoat has not changed their site:

They still claim to have the white bars in stock, even though they don't and won't until March. I'm unimpressed. I bought a set of white Truvativ Holzfellers from Niagara Cycles instead. Dimensions are almost identical - 15mm wider and slightly heavier. Cheaper too :thumbsup:
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Okay... so an item is on backorder from the manufacturer and the seller's website has the availability in red, which according to their own site indicates that the item could sell out in any minute.
It says "available" in big green letters. It's not available. Far from it. The item can't sell out because they never had any to begin with.

They haven't changed their site and it's misleading. I thought that would be worth posting.
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