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White Bikes, White Components

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hellow everyone, was wondering how you guys are maintaing your white stuffs. i've got a old white frame which kinda turn yellow over time. i know turning is kinda the thing to happen, but are there any ways you guys are doing to keep your parts/frames in the pristine white condition ? i use to apply varnish on my white frame, but it didnt help much.

thanks for the responds guys~
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my white stuff used to be white and that's enough :ihih:
i use to apply varnish on my white frame
Well there's your problem varnish will go yellow over time :madman:
sell it before it happens. i gots me lots of white on my bikes and really like em so we will see if they are ever anything but white. i am sure scratches, cable rub, etc. will occur long before in which case there is a thing called repainting/PCing
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