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looks sweet man...i knew my peer pressure on you to get one would keep you away from that ghey VPP sh!t

seriously, it looks awesome.

please dont tell me you are getting a gravity dropper.....and you need to get rid of those XC tires....2 or 4-ply tires are where it is at! sub 1400 gram tires are for XC girls like cactus

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rzozaya1969 said:
lol.. apparently he didn't hear you correctly, it was WHITE rims, WHITE... lol

Does DT Swiss sells white 5.1, or are they special made for I9?
Chad got the rims powdercoated, built the wheels and put new decals on them for Fo .... talk about custom work ;)

EDIT: The only other way to get white 5.1s is to take them off a EX 1750 wheelset

1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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