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Whiskey Off Road Single Speed Gearing.

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Did any of you guys run the Whiskey 25 or 50 this year on single speeds? What gearing did you run?
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I did the 50 with 32/20 gearing on my 'passing fad' 29er.
+2 for 32/20 for the 50. Which for the most part was perfect for me. Except on the long climb out of skull valley when I needed a 32 on the rear:D .

Not sure what the fast boys were running but I think Tom Ament went with 32/18.
On 29ers, most of the faster guys are on 32x20 or 32x21. I'm sure theres a few 32x19s out there under a few quicker guys but the 20 or 21 gears seem to be the smarter choice for most.
I usually run a 32x20 on my 29er here in Prescott, but for the race I put on a 32x21.

If I had trained well for the race, I might have been able to comfortably push the 20T, but I'll never be a 19-on-the-Whiskey kinda rider, no matter how much I train. :)
I did the 25 and used a 32x20t 29er, that was a perfect gear for the 25. A buddy used a 32x21t and spin like crazy but did good for him from the sag to the top. I was doing great till I got a front flat tire on the down hill section after the lookout. My new pump and very old CO2 was not working so it took me almost 10 minutes to change the flat and I only got 25lbs in the tire, I thought for sure I was going to pinch flat again but got lucky.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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