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Price is about the same approx. $3200-3400

2012 Niner Air 9 (Own Build Up) $3200
Full 2012 XT (2x10)
ZTR Arch w/ Ignitors
Thomson Elite Post
Thomson X4 Stem
Niner Flat Bar
WTB Silverado Pro Saddle

2012 Salsa El Mariachi Ti (Salsa Build Kit) $3400
X9/XO Derailers (2x10)
X9 Shifters
Elixer 7 Brakes
Reba Fork
ZTR Arch w/Ignitors
Salsa Bar, Post, Stem
WTB/Salsa Saddle

What about if the Niner was a 2012 EMD w/ same build for $3000.

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I'd lean towards the U.S.-made Salsa frame and then build it the way you want it. Niner makes a nice riding bike, but Alum vs. Ti is no contest. Even if the Ti bike comes out $400 - $500 more, it is a bike that could last you a lifetime, vs. a bike that most likely would be replaced in 5 years or so. The Ti will have a better ride quality/bump absorption than Alum also. The Salsa stays being a hair longer won't affect climbing and will let you run a fatter rear tire, which might affect climbing - traction, at least! Either pick is a nice bike tho... Sorta one of those "no lose" situations. Have fun!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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