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Which would you buy?

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I have the opportunity to either buy a Haro 8.1 escape mountain bike for 300 dollars, or a K2 Crush bike for 300. The k2 is an 06 and the haro is an 05. I was wondering which would be a better deal, it seems to me that both of these bikes new were around 600 new, and though 300 dollars is a bit high for these bikes, i have missed the opportunity to buy a few other bikes because i tried to low ball the guys. I am going to do primarily trail riding, not so much downhilling, but i may do a few jumps at my old dirt bike track, but since i used to do those on a little 20 inch bike I assume there will be no problem for either of these two bikes. My question is, would either be better, since i would assume the hardtail haro might be of high quality since the k2 is a full suspension for the same price, maybe some cut backs or what not along the way, so just trying to get some feedback from real mtbr's since I am brand new to the game, first bike by the way.
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