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Howdy everyone.

The amount of info out there on wheelsets is mind blowing for a non techy person so I wonder if you can simplify and help with the following.
Im in the process of building a rocky mountain hardtail for XC use and have everything except wheels.
Im on a relative budget and have decided that via much research, the DT Swiss XR1 is the wheel for me ( to be run incidentally with Rockshox Reba or Recon, Hope 4pots and XTR drivetrain, shifters and cranks (DT, cranks & brakes from my current bike).

Now I've been offered a set of Alex DM18s (FOR FREE) which could help with my budget in a major way.
Question is: will these suffuice for now as Im not yet an XC racer (view to racing in future) weigh 75 kilos and do a little bit of Freeriding too.
Current ride is a Kona Chute with XTR, 02 Bombers, Hope 4pots and Mavic D521s - and find it too HEAVYand the GEOMETERY ALL WRONG for long durations of XC.

So - take the FREE Alex's - then upgrade later or, purchase a set of XR1s given they seem to available onlone for les than 300Australian$ ??

Others I've looked at are....
XT 717s - DT Swiss x 430s - Dt Swiss 340XC - Mavics Crossrides (Trail and Max just too expensive)
value for money seems to be XR1 but is rthis a true XC wheel??

Which wheelset? PLEASE HELP. Head spinning.
Any advice greatly appreciated!!!! THANKS!!!!

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You probably don't want to do FR on XC training/race wheels, so the first thing to decide is what kind of riding you want to do on your new wheelset. Then you will have more info to help with your decision on wheels.

The Alex website shows the DM18 as a youth (20"/24") wheelset, are you aware of that? If so, this set might be a little lightweight/small for you.

You might consider getting a custom training/racing wheelset for XC, and continuing to use your Chute for FR maybe lightened up a bit?

Mavic XC 717s build up nicely for XC, as do DT-S XR 400 rims. You're also right at the weight limit for the DT-S XR 350 rim, which weigh 350g each, and which have a riding weight limit of 75kg as a wheelset.
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