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I'm a 105 lb. XC rider, and i do not race. I am building up a ti hardtail and need to decide on a wheelset (v-brake). I am have narrowed the selection down to the following:

- Mavic 717 rims/Chris King hubs
- Mavic 717 rims/DT Swiss 240S hubs
- DT Swiss rims/DT Swiss 240S hubs
- Mavic Crossmax SL

I'm sort of leaning towards the DT Swiss 240S hubs, because I'm concerned with the drag issue with the King hubs and the quality/durability issues I've heard about with the Crossmax SL's. But I do like the looks of the Crossmax SL's, and I really like the finish of the red King hubs.

Basically, I want a light wheelset that will be dependable, and something that will offer a comfortable ride for a lightweight rider like myself. What do you guys suggest from the above options?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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