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I've just bought a new DH bike, and it's comes with Sun EQ31 rims laced to a DT340 rear 135 hub and a Giant 20mm front hub. They seem like a solid wheelset, but I already have a basically new wheelset with DT 5.1rims laced to hope hubs.

Can anyone give me some advice as to which wheels I should keep? The 5.1/hope wheels are lighter which is a plus. Will they be as strong?

I'd also like to have the ability to run them tubeless with rim strips. Would one set have an advantage over the other in this regard?


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Dt has an official conversion kit for its rims (including the 5.1), while the sun's would need a stans or ghetto kit.
Either is (imho) inferior to a proper UST set up (eg: mavic 823), but with what you've got I'd take the 5.1 with its official conversion kit - higher quality and the official conversion kit (and better hubs) would swing it for me, despite the EQ31's having a wider inner diameter (only be 1.5mm, but it makes a difference).

Dt rims have a reputation for being fairly soft, but aslong as you dont run your pressures too low (ie: dont expect to drop them significantly further than you'd run tubed) you shouldn't have any problems with dinging the rims.

Your weight and tire selection have a kind of impact on the decision.
As a light guy who doesnt use wider than a 2.6(ish! - 2.5 intense 909, which run large), the 5.1 would be a nobrainer.

Still, the dt's cost more, are lighter and available with an official conversion kit (and come on better hubs).
To me, its a nobrainer.


.... that's only if you absolutely cannot keep both.

Especially if you're doing a tubeless conversion (ie: must have sealant and rimstrips), having a spare set of wheels is really handy. Switching tires with tubes (or UST's without sealant) is quick and painless, but changing converted tires is more of a PITA.

Being able to have a spare set of wheels (run tubed) and some spare tires, for example, a set for really dry/less-techy days and a set of mudders for the really wet days is really helpful.
You can have your favourite allrounders (tubeless) on your better wheels (the hope/5.1's) and have a set of wet-day tires and a set of dry-day/smoother-track tires there that can be swapped over (and onto the bike) quickly and less painfully. Ofcourse, you still ideally want to switch the cassette between the two rearwheels (because the cassette and chain will wear at similar rates and will mesh for a time while worn, where a different cassette with a slightly worn chain will give you headaches) but this is a 5 minute job with the right tools.
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