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Hi guys

i am slowly looking for a new rear wheel but i don't know which one will be better..

option 1
Shimano M475 hub on a DT Swiss 466d rim.

option 2
Shimano MT500

Personally i think as a total package the MT500 will be better as a total package because it's newer and looks to have a better hub (MT500 is Deore non series and the M475 is Alivio afaik).

But the MT500 wheel only has 24 spokes and I don't know how strong they are.. (I know Mavic uses 24 but they do straight spokes.. The Mavics would be outside my budget tho.)

And option 1 seems to have a better rim, the DT Swiss 466d.

What would be the better choice for a commuter/XC bike? (No racing)
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