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Hi Everyone,

I am looking to purchase a full suspension bike (My first one). I really like Gary Fisher bikes, but my budget isn't large, so i am opting to purchase a high end used bike. I came across two opportunities and want the forum's opinions on which move to make:

Option 1- 2003 Gary Fisher Sugar Team bike- being sold by the original owner. This guys owns a bike shop, purchased this bike brand new and tricked it out (even further) from carbon fiber spokes to fancier V brakes. He has probably raced it (he bought it when he was in his mid 50's) and given it plenty of trail time. Doesn't appear to have any dings or weld cracks and looks to be in good condition over all.

Option 2- 2009 Gary Fisher HIFI Pro- Ridden no more than a hand full of times and then put in a closet since 2009- Looks mint- not even a sign of grease on the cassette and it still has reflectors on the spokes.

The HIFI is like brand new and will likely run me about $300 more than the Sugar Team. The Sugar is a sweet ride and how often does someone get a chance to own the Ferrari of Fishers since they only made and sold a few of these?

I spend all of my riding time on XC single track and ride in the occasional XC race.

Thanks for reading and for your opinions!!

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