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Which Tubeless Sealant/Conversion Kit For DT 5.1 Rims?

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I'm finally going tubeless on my next wheelset. 5.1 rims, Panaracer Fire XC Pro up front, Specialized Adrenaline Pro rear, non-UST of course.

I don't know if DTs tubeless conversions are out for the 5.1 rims yet, but are they any better than the others out there? Any experiences with these rims and sealants, boys? Squeaky, anybody? There's so many types out there. Of course, theres Stans but wow, what a price! And will these sealant be alright w/my tire choices?
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DT is making a kit to specifically fit the 5.1.
It's not yet available so hang tight and keep your eyes open.

In the meantime, enjoy tubes. I have yet to flat once in the two months that I've had these rims which is saying a lot since I previously flatted every 2-3 rides on tubes, including when I ran tubes in my 819s.
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