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i looking to get a new set of tires and pedals for my bike.
as far as tires go im looking for somthing about 26x2.5.
im still a newb to mountain biking but have been riding road biking for about 4.5 years.
so if a 2.5 rear and 2.3 front would be better then thats okay i just need some one to teach me this stuff.
ill be doing lots og xc with some dh and free ride. I'm always outside looking for somthing to jump(well i was until i broke my collar bone on a jump that was a bit much for me to handle) and looking for the most technical terain i can ride. i recently built a drop to put on my trail but havnt set it up so i dont know how big it will be but i guess i'll need a tire that can take some i said im a newb so i dont know.
as of right now im thinking about the wtb wierwolfs in the 2.5 cause a lbs has them for 26 a piece. or maybe the wtb moto raptor in 2.4
im looking to spend around 60 for both tires together.

now onto pedals.
i want somthing clipless with a platform so if i just want to ride over to a friends house i dont have to put on my cleats.
i was thinking the crank bros. smarty or maybe the shimano pd-m545
i'll also need some new shoes cause my current shoes are for road and dont have any traction on the bottom.
so about 70ish for the pedals and maybe 30 for the shoes(ebay)
im triing to save up for a jeep so as little as i can spend would be nice.
thanks in advance
oh and sorry it was so long but as i a newb and i figure the more info i can give the better.
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