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I'm planning on building a set of 29er wheels with the DT-Swiss 240 6-bolt disc hubs and X470 rims. 32 holes.

When it comes to spokes, I have the following options:
DT Competition (heaviest and probably strongest)
DT Super Comp (lighter - but strong enough?)
DT Revolution (lightest - but strong enough?)

These wheels will go on a Moots Mooto-x Ybb. I weight about 190lbs will all gear (6' 6"). The riding/racing will be on moderate technical trails. No drops or such, but some rocks.
I need an all-round wheelset, that is raceable.

Any suggestions what would be the best spoke choice?

In addition, I need 292mm , 294mm and 296mm spokes. Can I compromise, and get a 293mm and use that for the 292 and 294? I don't want to buy 3 boxes of 72 spokes.

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