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Which specific tyres?

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I run Specialized The Captain and Conti Explorers on my full-sus and hardtail respectively - both tubeless with Stans rim strips and sealant. Due to the diabolical weather I have bought another set of wheels for my hardtail - Mavic Crossrides - that I want to equip with tyres for mainly on-road, pavement and hard-pack with only a small amount of muddy trails (so they will need traction for the mud as well). I want to take these tyres tubeless as well, (as I always get punctures with tubes), but with ghetto (BMX inner tubes - to save money on the Stans rim strips) and Stans fluid.

So the question is - which tyres should I buy for this type of riding, (i.e. mostly road but some traction in mud also necessary) that I can guarantee will go tubeless with Stans fluid on Mavic Crossride rims?

....answers on a postcard... :D

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:
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Vulpines in 29er form are pretty good, take a look at them
Sorry - I should have said the wheels are 26".

I'll check out the Vulpines though - do they go tubeless without a hassle?
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