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Which size to get?

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I am seriously looking into a Stumpjumper FSR and I'm wondering about the size I should get. I'm 6'2" and I currently ride an size XL Fisher. I ask because the XL seems a bit tall but I'm not sure if going to a large on a FS bike might be too small.

Are sizes between manufacturers equal. I'm assuming it ultimately comes down to what feels the best while on the bike.
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Find a good dealer and have them fit you. Bike sizing isn't nearly as exact as, say, shoe sizing (and you'd never buy shoes without trying them on). Most people think effective top tube length (TT) is the most important measurement when sizing a bike. It's key to determining how you're going to sit on the bike, so I'd suggest you get that measurement on your current bike (assuming you like the way it fits) and find the SJ frame that has a TT measurement closest to that number. Start there and work with the dealer to fit the bike by adjusting saddle height, position (fore, aft and angle), stem height and length (they should be willing to swap for a different length stem when you buy the bike).
Hi BS09,

had the same problem, I'm 6'3".
I've been sitting on a 2010 SJ in both L and XL. Felt L is defintely to small and ordered XL . But anyway, to be sure go to yr LBS and check out.

grias di

B Li
Do what it takes to ride both. A lot of bike shops do not stock very many of the high end models because they are harder to sell and cost a lot to keep on the floor (especially if they don't sell). If a shop knows you you are going to buy one, they will find a way to put you on both to pick the right size.
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