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Hey gang

Want to try out SPD pedals and obviously need shoes for them. I'm not located in US so buying a few pairs and returning ones that don't fit is not an option since it will be pretty expensive because of the shipping.

Now, my Adidas trainers are 11,5, Timberland 11,5, Nike - 12, Exustar - 45 (eur). In case there's somebody out here with a similar foot size, which size should I get if I go for Shimano for example?

I'm not after Shimano only but rather whatever proved itself as being a comfy shoe.

There are only two shops here that sell SPD ready shoes, but both didnt have the size I wear. To add to an insult one of the shops have just received a new shipment of Exustar shoes at a really good prices however i've tried 46 on and it a little big...and they didn't have that in 45. This sucks, cuz they felt comfortable and few bikers recommended them and are just so bloody expensive in US if you can find them anyways.
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