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which riser out of these two?

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which is better?

Funn Fatboy 750 30mm rise OR Shimano Pro Vanderham 740 30mm rise

Funn is £38 and Shimano Pro is £45

Which would you go for? Shimano I associate with uber reliability but Funn is cheaper...
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Well, I have been using Funn for a while now on my DH and FR bikes, and Tioga on my trail bike. I have never had any problems with any Funn components, especially the bars. I once had my DH bike roll out of my roof rack and rolled right off the car before I had a chance to stop it. It landed right on the right side handle bar and did no damage nor even bent it. Thats 44 pounds of bike coming down off the top of my car onto one end of the bars. I sure enough thought that the bar was bent or screwed up one way or another. Nope! Anyways, I can speak for the Funn bar, but I am not a Shimano person. Too many issues with some of there components.

Anyways, just my two cents! Good luck and have fun riding! :thumbsup:
what is a common rise to have on an Am bike? I know the DH guys are going for low rise like 25mm and less..... but I run Pike forks, so what would be a sensible rise for an AM?

Currently I have 2inch rise, though I note that there is a marked upsweep in my stock bars. I can't help but think that a 680mm 50mm riser bar with 8deg upsweep will not be hugely dropped down by a 750mm 30mm riser bar with 5deg of upsweep...

In short.. anyone else running 30mm wide bars on an AM bike like a Pitch or Enduro?

Or should I go higher? I've always got the 5mm spacer on top of my stem that can be thrown underneath to rise things up a tad....

Basically I am about to pull the trigger on 30mm rise Funn Fatboy's. I guess a 50mm rise Fatboy would actually raise my front end given the current spec.. so 30mm is the one to go for right?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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