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i am thinking getting a new freeride bike and i am thinking of getting a 07 kona stinky deluxe or a gemini 2000. i occasionally huck my bike and drop about 10+ feet. which bike would you all suggest. i know i may get biased answers but anything will help with my desision in buying

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The brakes are so much better on the 7p5 than the Stinky. As is the crankset. The wheels are the sleeved MTX, but that's okay.

Does D.O.P.E. really eliminate brake jack? It makes sense to me...

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I think the stinky is more of a DH bike due to the DC, and if you want a more maneuverable bike, then I think the 7p5 + 66 fits the bill. Either will easily handle 10+ foot drops to flat.

I can't speak for cannondale, but their bikes are fugly...

Good Luck!
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