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Which of the three to pick?

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After a lot of looking and online research, I have have decided to repace my old 26" hardtail w/ a 29er hardtail. I have about an $1100 budget and I have narrowed my choices between the following three 2011 models: Kona Kahuna, Norco Jubei 2, and Fisher Cobia
At this point I'm really leaning towards the Kona, the Fisher/Trek's brakes concern me a little and I have no experience with a Norco, but have owned both Fisher and Kona. What do you guys think?
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I just picked up a Trek/Fisher X-cal and I'm waiting for it to come in... I'll be sure to post my thoughts once I get it.

One other bike not on your list that is popular is the Giant XTC 2. Retails a little out of your range, but if you can find a year old model or have a good LBS you should be able to go for it. Not sure what your LBS quoted, but when I was looking both mine quoted $1k on the Cobia.

Good Luck!
What concerns do you have about Trek? Also, if you're not 100% set on those three, Specialized Rockhopper and Giant XTC 2 are 2 other options.
Im pretty much set on these three brands because the LBSs that sell them are close by. The only concern about the Fisher is the brand of brakes it comes with...Promax Hornet. I've never heard of them before.
Just got an XTC - 1, and freakin' love it. Of the three, and awesome your buying at the LBS, either the Kona or the Norco. That is if your hesitant on the Fisher/Trek - than why bother? Norco is the #1 brand in Canada - and those Kanuk's know their bikes ; ) And just south of the border, you'll still get great warranty support.

Happy shopping - don't forget the reviews located on this site, they are SUPER helpful.
Never really considered a Giant, but I was able to locate a dealer and it looks like this might be a pretty decent choice. XTC2 29'er

Was at a REI store today and they told me to look online at their bike selection, so I found another decent choice. Scott Scale Team 29'er,
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