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Which LBS has selection of shin guards

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Looking for some shin/knee guards that offer good protection, but pedal well. I'll be using these for XC rides at lake sawyer as well as the flow park at south seatc and the occasional whistler trip.

Is there a shop around that has a good selection? I have long skinny legs so I'd like to try on as many as possible before I decide. I would think fluidride would be a good bet, but wondered if theirs would be more DH/FR oriented and be horrible for pedaling.

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my gf got some troy lee shin/knee guards at fluidride. she pedals mostly xc/am stuff and really likes them.
Downhill zone also has a pretty good selection of armor.
g.h.y. also has a pretty good selection of armor.
I figured those would be the main three. I'll check them out.

Any recommendation on what works well? I did search mtbr, but the reviews always seem so hit and miss.
I liked my Fox Launch Knee/Shin guards, but the strap attachment points cut the sides of my knees really bad in a couple of crashes. I use Dainese 3X now and love those.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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