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Hi guys,

finally, I have made up my mind (partly also because of unfortunate accident to my old bike, accident where the repair would be quite costly...) that I will go for a new bike...

I am not a beginner, I am not super pro either, I have been reading comments on the Internet, but still would like to ask all of you...which one would you take? ...have a look:

CUBE REACTION GTC SLT 2012 (switch to English in top right if necessary)

- picture attached

Scale 30 - SCOTT Sports

- picture attached

Guys, what do you think?...any experience?...please share it...

I have been sample riding both bikes...each just for like 10mins ..both are very comfortable, somehow as if CUBE would be little little more comfy...but can u tell after 10mins?

Pricing-wise...they come in the same category...difference is within 400 USD, but CUBE does not come with pedals, and if u were to buy the same as Scott comes with, the difference goes to 250 USD...

Weight is more or less the same ...Scott is winning by 0.5kg (according to manufacturer...) I was weighing them both in my hands...did not feel any difference...

The central part of the frame with CUBE looks little bit "too fat" :D with Scott looks more proper...but hey, I am not such an expert, hence I am asking for your opinions...

On the other hand, CUBE comes with latest model of XT brakes, they look really cool, while Scott seems to have last year model...

You see, Scott has a name, Scott is recognised for a high quality bikes...but then, in the same time, I do not want to make a mistake, going for the Scott just because it's Scott...u see what I mean...

Cheers for all your time looking at these two bikes and giving me your comments...cheers to all MTBR members for their advise.

thx, T.
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