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I can get a really good deal on an iron horse bike, ive recently been learning and loving DJ and freeride. I currently have a specialized stumpjumper FSR, so i was thinking about getting the hardtail sachem 5.0. (i also looked at the chimpira but i want to have some ablity to climb and dont like the idea of ss). As i understand the hardtail is ideal for DJ ing. and my stumpy already has 5 inches of travel wich i believe for now is enough travel fer me ( i definetly dont go big just smaller jumps and no drops bigger than 3-4 feet thus far). Would a freeride bike with 6-8 inches of travel be overkill for me (like the ojiki,aniki) ?

ok so my question is

is the sachem 5.0 a good bike for some light DJ freeride? or would a beefer full suspension bike like the ojiki be better for me( taking into acount that I already have a nice 5inch travel bike)?

sorry for the long post , thanks for any advice you can give

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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