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Which Hardtail MTB?

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Looking for a hardtail mountain bike in the price range of around $600.

I have narrowed my options down to the following bikes:

Cannondale F7 ~$600
Specialized Rockhopper ~$530
Specialized Rockhopper Comp Disc ~$670
Scott Aspect 45 ~$700

A couple of specific questions I have are:

-Is it even worth to consider the Rockhopper or are the components just not that good and is it worth it to step up to the Comp Disc?
-Is it worth the extra money for the Aspect 45 or is the step up in price too much for the benefits it provides? (only benefit I can think of is hydraulic discs).

Any thoughts you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated. I know fit and feel are really important but any thoughts on quality would be great.

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I think the Scott Aspect looks pretty attractive with the Shimano hydraulic disc Brakes. REI sells it and I think they are having their summer sale coming up so that probably one that I would be looking at. In this price range I would just be looking at fit and feel. My guess is they are all 24 speed and although their wont be much difference I would prefer the option of 27 speeds and a cassette that has 34 teeth rather than 32 for some steep stuff. If you can afford a few dollars more I think 27 speeds and hydraulic brakes are nice. The Aspect meets one criteria.
FWIW, I have a Rockhopper (2 yrs old) and I love the geometry. As stated already, at this pricepoint I would be most concerned with fit & feel. You probably won't find a whole lot of difference between component sets at this price point.
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