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Which handlebars?

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I'm currently in the process of finding out what components I need to build up a singlespeed over this winter. Most everything else I kind of have figured out except handlebars. Is rise or flat just a preference thing? Or are most of the ss'ers riding rise bars. I realize I need something a little wider than 24" bars on my xc bike, but is there a "that should do" width and rise that is about the right average for everyone?
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I am running the Monkeylight SL at 27 inches and LOVE them. I always went about 1.5-2 inches wider bar on my singlespeed. Its a leverage thing.

I just built my first Single Speed over the last month, I went with a set of Salsa Pro Moto CroMo Flat Bars, uncut at 680mm. As MTB23 says, it's all about leverage. I believe the flat bars have less flex than the riser's, IMHO. However, you really need to take into account the ride position that you want to attain, the fork length, stem, bar position. Just some things you might want to consider before you buy your bars. I made a mistake in calculating this and got my bars to low initially. Hope this helps! Your gonna love your new SS. Good luck.
i am riding soma odin. they are falt, really wide with a little sweep. they are about 28" wide
I like 'em wide & flat. Titec flat trackers or Niner bars. But it's a preference thing. Risers are "in" now. Some people like that weird schitt like Mary or Jones bars. Jenson has a couple of decent risers on sale for dirt cheap. You can start there & see how that is.
Personal choice/comfort. I've always liked hi-rise bars and sitting more upright. I can't fathom why people like more forward lean, but to each his own.

Wider is better for SS IMO, and it is a leverage thing as everyone has mentioned.

I just got a monkeylite hi-rise carbon 31.8mm. Nice upright position, plenty stiff, plenty wide.
asking an opinion based question on mtbr: priceless
whatever is in your garage will work fine. ride what you have until it makes your life suck, then ask me what i ride and buy those.

10speedbiopacefreewheel said:
whatever is in your garage will work fine. ride what you have until it makes your life suck, then ask me what i ride and buy those.

Ride what u have, as it might just workout.... if/when it doesnt workout, solve the problem ( numb hands, sore back....etc etc)
I've never really got along with flat bars. Until recently I was running an easton monkey xc riser bar and it seemed pretty good for most things, but I was suffering on the climbs. Given that it had aged to the point where it was past replacement time, I switched to a high sweep angle Mary bar.

For me the Mary makes the climbs significantly easier, but at present the downhill technical sections of the ride feel very odd. Other folks have reported similar experiences and said that they've returned to using bar ends on regular bars, guess I'll wait and see if I can play around with angle a bit and get it sorted.

As has been already suggested, there are so many different preferences here that asking will really not get you much progress I fear. Some folks swear by dirt drops, some by alt bars like the jones and titec, some by high sweep like the carnegie and mary, some mid sweep (luv handles, Salsa pro moto), regular risers, flats...

Like saddles, it's really about what works for you, not about what works for us.

A good bike shop in your area that has some staff who SS should be able to advise you about what they use and assist you with setup. May even be able to loan you some second hand bars in flat, riser and sweep so you can trial/fine tune things before you make a final purchase of new stem and bar.

I still don't know what I'll end up with...
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I am a big fan of the Groovy Luv Handles because of the width (mine @ 28") and especially the sweep... ~ 22 degrees. The most comfortable bars I have ever had.
As stated above, W I D E is good .

as for the question of FLAT vs RISER.... I think you will find that flat bars ( which were pretty much all there was until the late 90's) had become fairly rare until the TWENTY NINERS became popular and the flat bar made a comeback. The logic being that the taller front ends on 29'ers made for a more upright riding position and flat bars could drop the front of the cockpit a bit.
If you take the advice you have been given and shop for WIDE bars, you will find a wider selection (pun intended) in riser bars than you will in flat bars ( flat bars tend to be narrower)
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