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Which Full Sus model to choose?

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Hi all.

I am looking at buying a new full suspension bike and am not sure what choice to make...

I am moving from an older GT Tempest hardtail and I am looking at buying a new 2010 GIANT Anthem X2 or the GIANT Trance X2 but can't decide what is the best choice.

I know the differences in weight, frame style, fork & shock travel etc..

I guess because I am going from an older hardtail either model is going to be better than what I have.

I use my bike for all sorts of riding, XC, Trail, to ride to work etc... hence why I automatically feel the ANTHEM is the right choice as it's light and fast but still a step up from the old hardtail with the full suss setup, but come the weekends I hit the local hills which are pretty gnarly and then I feel I need something like the TRANCE...

I just don't want to spend $3000 and make a choice I regret in 6 months.

Any advice appreciated.

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Ride a bunch of different styles.

Try new HTs also.

Try 29" wheels also.

Then try a few more bikes.
Get the bike that fits your trails, and ride your old HT to work.

You have to decide what you want to get out of your bike. Is it more important to be able to climb steep stuff, and make quick turns, or is it more important to have slack angles and plushness for downhills, and climbing is less important to you (not that the Tx won't climb good, just not as good). Do you race or want to?

I rode a HT for years and years, and finally got tired of feeling beat up at the end of my rides. So I bought a 5" Stumpjumper. I rode it for a few years, and while it was comfortable, I decided I wanted something faster, with better climbing, and quicker steering. I got an Ax, and have been pleasantly surprised how well it suits my trails, and needs. You have to be a little more on your toes when coming down, but the trade off, of better handling and climbing, is worth it to me. fyi. I don't race, but ride with folks who do

Go ride the two, and decide what feels right for your trails.
Cheers for that guys.

One of the problems I find here is that you can only ride the bikes around just outside the shop, not around your trails which makes it really hard to decide which model is right...

I am planning on selling my old hardtail to help fund the new bike so can't keep that to ride to work unfortunately, good idea though.
You're looking to spend $3000 on a new bike and you don't want to keep your old HT because you need the money to help fund the new bike? You're not going to get much for the Tempest, better to keep it and either a) lower your budget by whatever you thought you were going to get or b) wait a few months and save some more bucks.

As for which bike my bias is towards more travel/plushness/comfort. Unless you're racing, who cares if it takes a few more minutes to complete a climb, not to mention for most of us mere mortals the engine is so much more a factor than the geo of the bike.

David B.
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