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Which Front Range Trail do you think is the toughest climb?

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I was curious which one works you over the hardest. I'd imagine for most people the answer is going to be either Mt Falcon or White Ranch's - Belcher Hill. For me I'd probably say it's Belcher Hill because no matter how many times I do that climb it works me over big time! Sweat just pouring out my face at any temperature above 70. I remember starting the climb up Mt Falcon last summer on a hot day and turning around at the long rather wide/rocky straight away before getting up to the tree section. I was like WTF am I doing in high 90's climbing this trail when I could be at home chilling AC style. :D Sry for rant.

Anyway, I rode Hall Ranch today and it wasn't that bad even in the sun at around 84. It's not so bad going through the rocky section at Hall Ranch once you've done a few WR and Mt Falcon climbs to get you conditioned. I'm still not out to set any uphill records though. :p
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To me, its Belcher, hands down. Especially in the middle of summer when its 90 degrees, the sun is beating down, and the dirt has turned into a loose sand that's impossible to climb in.
Some people might suggest Donner.

Or at Horsetooth to the towers.

But I think it's the stairs at my work in the morning.
The connector from Boulder Canyon up to Betasso is pretty tough, although its not as long as belcher. There's that one really steep spot with rocks at the end, with the loose gravelly surface.
Ansible said:
The connector from Boulder Canyon up to Betasso is pretty tough, although its not as long as belcher. There's that one really steep spot with rocks at the end, with the loose gravelly surface.
heck, if we just go technical, it IS the stairs at my work...or Walker Ranch stairs...

I was thinking based on context it was long doable grinders.
I'd agree with Lidarman on Donner. Especially when ridden from the north side, up the lookout mountain trail, or worse (better?) yet from crystal mountain.
I would have to rate Bergen Peak at Elk Meadows and Mountain Lion at Golden gate Canyon way harder than Belcher or Falcon... with Mt Lion being the tougher of the two above
mtn hack said:
Round Mountain. Period.
That's three periods in a row!

Where is round mountian...

Deer Creek is harder than Falcon. Falcon is just long, nothing particularly tough about it. It's my personal favorite for that reason.
hardtail05 said:
Bergen Peak at Elk Meadow
Yup - longest and most vert.
Never ridden that stuff up around Ft.C, but Bergen Peak in Evergreen is the toughest climb in Jeffco - much more difficult (vert gain and higher elevation) than Falcon or Deer Creek).
my $.02
Ah yeah, I somehow forgot about Bergen Peak at Elk Meadows!! That is one vicious climb for sure! I think when I carried my GPS and went all the to the top I think it registered about 2,200 vertical feet gained! I'd have to agree that's probably one of the hardest climbs I've done in the (pretty much) front range. I don't think I've been to Betasso so I'll have to check that out. I also don't think I've heard of Round Mtn and don't recall doing any rides on Lookout mtn.

As for Walker, I stopped doing the stairs last season when I relized their is NOTHING to be gained but going down the stairs and huffing up that terrible dirt road!! Now, I always ride CCW and stop and the stairs and turn around at the stairs in order to have two more blissful downhills. Much better than a nasty climb down the stairs and up the dirt road!

I was looking at my trail maps yesterday and realized that Belcher Hill is only like 1.7 Miles and about 1,800 vertical feet! Man, that's a short distance for how hard-core it is!

Funny you mention stairs at work. I still don't understand why I can get slightly winded walking up two flights of stairs after doing all this riding. I'm probably heading to Walker today! :thumbsup:
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I can't decide. Mt. Falcon and Deer Creek Canyon are both harder than Belcher for me. The altitude at Bergen is a major biotch.

I may have a new worst climb after tomorrow morning.
I usually ride Elk Meadow as a figure-8 either CW or CCW with the run up to Bergen Peak and it's roughly 14.5m & 2800ft of gain... I haven't ridden Belcher or Mt. Falcon this year, but in my mind those are way more painful :)

New one to me, Round Mountain:
i will chime in because i was just thinking about this (never done bergen) - to me it has to be dakota ridge...has anyone done the entire dakota ridge mw loop without stopping? and making it up all the water bars?? i can't do it but I know some people can.
Yup round mountain!
There are a few contenders for me.

Morrison Slide (south side climb).
Long Horn, from Whippletree to Short Horn.
Jamestown loop, the climb past the stream crossing and the climb up the stream from the first descent to the second.

Honorable mention goes to Chimney Gulch and Walker Ranch, the climb from the bridge to the parking lot.

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