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Which Fox 100mm fork for xc racing?

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deciding between the following:

Fox 32 F100 Fit w/remote
Fox 32 F100 Fit RLC
Fox 32 F100 Fit Terralogic

I weight 155 lb and will be using it for XC racing.
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They are all stellar forks to race with. Never ridden the Terralogic, but the remote lockout version is an RLC with the low speed compression damping set in the middle of the RLC fork's range.That being said, I'm going to throw my weight behind the RLC.

I only weigh about ten pounds more than you. Even given that, I have a hard time getting full travel out of my RLC at the recommended pressure. So, I run it about 15 lbs. low and crank up the low speed compression damping. You get a fork that stands up well with little brake dive or bouncing when out of the saddle but which is nice and supple and unafraid to give up all the travel. At your weight, I don't know that you would ever be able to adjust the other two forks so that you get all the travel without some brake dive. I guess the Terralogic might work that way but it seems to me the binary stand up/squish down aspect of it might be weird. Like I say, I've never ridden one of those so take that for what its worth.

But the RLC is adjustable six ways from Sunday. I love mine.
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