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Which fork?

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I'm looking for advice on which fork I should use. I have rides on both of them and they feel mostly the same. The ride height on the Marzocchi is a little taller but i think that the Judy has a bit more travel. The Judy looks like it was made for the frame and that's where I'm leaning towards, skinny tubes match up nicely.


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If you actually plan on riding it off road (or even on road), go with the the '98 Z2 Atom Bomb.

If your only intention is to hang it on the wall and admire it, install the '96 Judy SL.
ditto...but the Judy sure looks nice on there ;)

I'd go with the Judy and send me the Z2 :)
That bike needs a flat bar and rigid forks (if you want my honest opinion), but of the two you show I'd go for the Judy, the Z2 will leak and weighs about a pound more - it's suspension perfrormance is better, but on a bike that age that's not really a serious consideration.
The solution is simple, The bomber is a better fork IMO but that green is clashing with the lovely yellow frame. Sell the Judy and use the money to get a nice powder coat on the bomber, no decals. That would look awesome. I am not a big fan of Yellow but it sure looks good on that frame.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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