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Hi All
I'm in dilemma right now. I have purchases a white S size BottleRocket and I need advice on the fork. Which fork is the best for it, Marzocchi 55ata2 (08), 55R (09) or 66R (09). I'm into DH and all mountain. Over here the most extreme we can get is around 10 feets of height to a slope and single technical track. By the way i'm a newbie from Malaysia. Riding for a year now on a GT Avalanche 2 (08).

Another thing is about the wheelset. Since over here the distributor did not order the revolution wheel, is da bomb wheel alright with the set up cause i heard they are the same (transition and da bomb) in term of the manufacturing and maybe the weight.

Please advise cause i really need to figure this out else i would have sleepness night and this is dragging too long and painfull, of cause not your fault anyway (stupid fickle minded of me)

Thank you so much.

Oh ya Merry Christmas.
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