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Which fork for an AIR9 ?

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i am currently riding an AIR9 size L with the monocoque carbon fork but I am considering the option to have a suspension fork.
Here is my question...Which fork is best for the AIR9 geometry ? 80mm or 100mm ?

I see some are using DT Swiss forks. How do they compare to FOX ?

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travel is all personal preference. Some like 80, some like 100. You really need to try it out for yourself to answer that question. Because you dont know what travel you want, Id probably go with a Reba because you cal set travel limit from 80 to 90 or even 100mm. Some people like Fox over Rock Shox but some people like it the other way around. See where Im going with this? Buy a fork based off of what your LBS can service so that way you arent stuck with a fork you have to send back to the mfg for something that would normally have you back in the game after a few days.
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