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which data fields do you use?

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I'm curious to hear everyone's setup on their GPS/HR Monitors. Which data fields do you use and why? Also, what workouts do you have set up?

I just picked up an Edge 705 and am just setting it up.
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speed, hr, cadence, distance, duration/time. this is what i use on my foreunner 405 and what i had on my 305
speed, heart rate, distance, elevation, duration of ride, feet ascended.
No workouts.

Speed, time, distance, total ascent, time of day, battery meter on one screen.

Add %grade, HRM, GPS accuracy and heading to the next screen.

HR, big and at the top. Then elapsed time, distance, speed, elevation, temperature.

First screen: speed, elapsed time, odometer, cadence, HR (90% of viewing)
Second screen: time of day, elevation, grade (9%)
Third screen: battery life, total ascent, heading, temp (1%)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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