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Which color

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I am about to have my LBS build me a niner
I have a choice of
1. Rootbeer emd9
2. Moondust emd9
or for the same price (has a 09 in stock brand new)
3.Kermit green air9
which should I pick?
first 29er coming off a All mountain Heckler I ride hard and heavy at 5' 8" 189...

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After complete and through research and analysis, my bike-o-matic selector machine says:

Oh damn, failed! You have to make your own decision. ;)
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Dude, Bro, Dude, Bro....It is not EVEN close....

Air 9. Not because of the color, but because it's an Air 9. :thumbsup:
Air 9 not only because it's an Air 9, because it's Kermit Green!
crux said:
EMD for the 853 Steel. Color is a don't care.
EMD = Aluminum

MCR or SIR = Steel.
MMcG said:
EMD = Aluminum

MCR or SIR = Steel.

Otherwise, I agree with everyone else...Air9 because its a better frame for the same price.
I already told him to crunch the numbers on my build for the air9.... Thanks for all the input...
Goatse Kermit says green


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MMcG said:
EMD = Aluminum

MCR or SIR = Steel.
Doh! I obviously made an error there. Would still vote for the steel 853 MCR frame. Aluminum hard tails can make great bikes, just prefer steel or even Ti.
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