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Which brand is better?

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I recently had my Norco Sidewinder stolen. I had the bike for 8 yrs without any problems, out about 6000 kilometers on it. I ride mainly city streets and smooth gravel trails, occasionally jump a curb if need be, put on about 20 miles a week, sometimes more.

The local bike shop only sells higher end dual suspension bikes now, all are over $2000. I'm looking for something under $400, so I looking at some used ones online in Montreal, Canada.

I've found some used Miele, Schwinn and Nakamura in the $250 range, would like to know what y'all think of these brands of double suspension models for what I'm using it.

Thank you in advance.
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Why on earth would you want to buy a cheap full-suspension bike with a pogo shock and poorly-made pivots for mainly city streets and smooth gravel trails? Even a rigid bike let alone a hard-tail should provide far better bang-for-Canadian-dollar while giving a smooth enough ride. Surely you'd want as much of your budget to go into quality components (wheelset, drivetrain, brakes) instead of into some crappy hinge-in-the-middle frame, no?

On a budget of $250, I'd be looking at used (CraigsList) rather than department store bikes. I bought this hardtail bike not long ago for $85 off CraigsList in Cleveland, Ohio as a bike to keep at my in-law's house. It's nothing brilliant but I'd rate it above any department store bike in your budget. It even came with a cable lock:

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Thanks for the quick reply. I AM looking on Kijiji and Graigslist, that's where I found the models I listed for that price.

In general, I find double suspension bikes more comfortable than the rigid full frame ones, that's why I was limiting my search to those models. I haven't seen Miele or Nakamura in dept. stores, though I've seen Schwinn in them.

To the best of your knowledge, are any of these in the same class as a Norco Sidewinder or are they cheaper and more likely to break down?

I'm also looking at a used K2, it's more expensive but seems to have better reviews, though the guy hasn't got back to me yet...
All 3 of those bikes are no better than the Norco that you had stolen. Looking at the Norco, looks like it a pogo stick on wheels.

Save your money on those cheap FS bikes. Nothing but loads of heavy, inefficent, pogo stick problems.

Get a nice quality hardtail.
what they said, get a hard tail! You don't need full suspension, most people don't imo.
Thanks again all. I just picked up a hard tail hybrid, it's comfortable and weighs about 1/2 of what my Norco did.

It a K2 Astral 2.0, has less than 1000 miles. Paid $275 cdn.
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