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To those that travel often (by plane) with your DH bikes - which cases out there are good for transporting your $4000+ bike?

some factors:
Ease of use
enough room
size that is allowed to be checked in on planes...
(not in any order)

hopefully soon i will be able to get outta the east coast and take my bike to the west / northwest and get a taste of the real outdoors.


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I have the Performance case. I was able to fit my DH bike (Azonic Gravity w/ Shiver) in it just fine but I did remove the fork, wheels, pedals, r. derailuer, handle bars, rotors, seat, and deflate the tires but everything fit. The nice thing about the perf. case is that it has tie down points inside to strape your frame to, not sure if others like Trico have this too. The one downside is the handle you pull the case with is uncomfortable for more than about a minute. I'm thinking of a way to extend it to make the case easier to pull behind you.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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