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Which bike for MTB Oregon?

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Hi - sorry, I know folks don't like these threads, and a lot of it is personal preference, but I'd really appreciate any helpful comments/recommendations. I can bring one bike, and it's either gonna be a 33lb Nomad w/2.3 tires, chainguide, etc., or 26lb Blur LT w/2.1 tires. I've never been to the Oakridge area, and just not sure if the riding is worth bringing my heavier/burlier Nomad for. The video at the MTB Oregon website mostly shows pretty buff looking trails, but there a few shots with guys in armor launching some drops/jumps. For freeridish stuff, any trail recommendations? Thanks :thumbsup:
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the Blur, hands down. MBO rides don't have any of the structure you see in pics from Blackrock or Bend. You will spend a fair amount of effort climbing on many of the rides and a huge variety in trails. Rocky, rooty, steep, swoopy, buff, ruff, but mostly spectacular.

MaxSteel, MBO Guide
Max rides an SS and or lightweight XC rig, always.

Nomad....or both. On Middle Fork, I'll be on my SS, on every other trail I'll be on my RFX, not because you need it, but because I enjoy being able to shred (yes Sparty, shred) it a bit more on the piggy squisherized bike on trails like Haredesty/Lawler, Tire, etc. They are all fun regardless.


MBO super guide.
Blur hands-down. Anything more is overkill.
Blur fur shur. I had my Giant Reign (comparable to the Nomad) at MBO two years ago, and it was a huge mistake. I was wishing I had my fully rigid Niner instead. That should give you an idea...
Yo - thanks y'all. The Blur it is... (In college I hated people like me: lucky bastards who owned more than one bike - oh, look at me, I'm so cool :cool: I have to make the hard decision of what bike I'm going to ride today)
If you want, bring them both. I'll keep an eye on your Nomad for you while you ride the Blur...........
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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