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Where's Low_rider and Whataboutben

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Have not heard from these two for a couple of weeks.Maybe there lost out in the wilds of Tassie:confused:
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Hehe no not quite lost in the wilds of Tassie, i just returned from a 3 week trip up to Cape York with some mates from Sydney. Uni is a tough life for some of us :D

I'm pretty sure that Dave has secured a new house for us down at Tassie so it might be a while until either of us are back on, (internet needs to be installed) :madman:

We'll be back on shortly as I think he's waiting for me to get back before we choose a new internet plan.

By the way Cape Yorl rocks. I'll put some photos up soon but some ^*@^&head at the backpackers stole my portable hard drive so i'll have to get the photos mailed to me.
Has'nt he heard of internet cafe's.Maybe they don't have them in Tassie.What about the Uni.Where did dave go for his holidays?how did you cope with the temp difference talk about going from one extreme to the other?
Ben if your still in Sydney you shuld come for a ride before you go back.
Yeah woulda loved to go for a ride but i've already missed a week of uni and my flight from Cairns to Launceston was pretty much direct.

As for the weather, i'm freezing my arse off now, but I do look browner than the rest of the population...
bigdamo said:
Has'nt he heard of internet cafe's.Maybe they don't have them in Tassie.
They have the internet in Tassie now? WOW, They are more advanced then the experts though they were :p
No not really, microwave beam back to the mainland :p
bigdamo said:
Have not heard from these two for a couple of weeks. Maybe they're lost out in the wilds of Tassie
I know I'm good looking, but surely you can put up with me not being around for a bit more then a couple of weeks!! :p :p

I wouldn't have minded getting lost in the wilderness for a few days, but unfortunately I spent most of my short holidays buggering around getting this house that Ben mentioned organised.

The good news is that many new trails have been discovered / found. So expect some sweet ride reports sometime soon. :D

bigdamo said:
Hasn't he heard of internet cafes. Maybe they don't have them in Tassie. What about the Uni. Where did Dave go for his holidays?
While the internet is a new concept down here, we now have a solid power supply, and clean drinking water for the local brewery. :p

I did lurk here a couple of times on dialup, but didn't have the time to post… :thumbsup: :D

Unfortunately I got zero riding in, but I did find time to wash and polish one of my girls ready for a nice mud bath last Wednesday. Word of advice, don't turn up to a group ride on a single speed and tell them that you wouldn't mind an easy ride because you haven't been on the bike for a while. They'll proceed to take you up every hill that they can find until you're buggered, and then force you to blast around the local trails for another 30k. Not that I was complaining… :D

Cheers, Dave.
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I can see your back now with a vengence:thumbsup:
I thought I might as well make up for lost time! :p

It’s unreal what can happen in the online world in just a couple of weeks! :D

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