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Where to ride today?

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Hi everyone! I finally made it to Hillsboro a few days ago and I'm ready to hit the trails. :)

Anyone have any suggestions as to where to ride today or tomorrow? It looks like it's going to be a nice sunny weekend! :thumbsup:
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Sandy ridge

After a day of sun it should be dialed tomorrow.
Hey, I've never been out there and would be interested. Also, may go up to the Castle Rock "un-trails". PM me if you want to try and hook a ride.
Maybe we can get a few people going if anyone is interested?
I'm going to go out and ride a little 1-hour loop I have developed around my home in West Vancouver, but if this thread is being read by any that might want to hit Sandy Ridge or the Castle Rock system tomorrow, drop in!
free-agent said:
Sandy Ridge was great Saturday, and should be great again today. A little hail this morning, but no real rain up here. It is cold though. Just about 40. Snow at top on the road and on the first few corners of Hide and Seek where they are out in the open. :thumbsup:

The new armor they put in on the lower section is great. It really cleaned those sections up. Thank's very much for the hard work they put in last weekend.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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