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Useful information

- What kind of trails do you want to ride?
- How much time you have?
- What time of the year?
- Riding ability level

A collection of links. Work in progress. Anyone feel free to add more stuff


Saskatoon to BC -

Riding camping in SW BC -

Raddest rides in BC -

Overwhelmed by BC Options -

Advice on Planning mtb trip to BC -

"7 summits, wakefield trail whats next?" Kootenays generally -

Calgary to Vancouver xc singletrack - by zinger-uk -

New Denver -

XC trails around Squamish and Pemberton -

Western Canada Traverse

Zinger-UK's ride reports

Sharon and Lee ride reports via searchable database

Kootenays photo trip

Yet another trip planning thread - 2 weeks,

Easier Whistler, Squamish, Pemberton trails for post back surgery rider


NSMB Chilcotin Wanderings - horseback supported 4 days

Self-supported 3 day trip point to point

3 nice day trips from a central location at Gun Lake

What type of bike?

Central North BC -

50mile xc races -


Guidebook review

Comox Valley - Comox Valley - From seams of coal to seams of singletrack - Pinkbike

Victoria Nanaimo -

VI trails -

VANCOUVER and area

See sig for guidebook. Not spam - seriously the only guidebook around. and thread -

Mid March ride options -

Winter ride options -

Seymour shuttles -

Vancouver experience -

2hr xc rides -

General ideas - Vancouver visit


Selection of trails

Must do rides -

Three ride selections

Special selection just for WHISTLER

XC trails guide

Comfortably Numb -

1st trip to Whistler -

Planning Whistler trip -

30km XC rides -

Must do list

Where to stay -

Ontario boy xc riding Whistler -

Generally what to expect -

More what trails to ride in the Downhill/Freeride forum - impossible to keep up so didn't index


Must do rides -

Ride report -

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How to get it stuck as a sticky?
Rocky I think its already stickied? It was an idea that was a long time coming. There's so much good information on here from you. I'll keep adding stuff to this as I find it. All I did was add MTBR threads for now but there's a lot on other sites

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Not that Edmonton is THE destination for riding, but I think that the Edmonton threads are pretty usefeul and a good area to investigate for anybody coming to E-town. There's an Edmonton thread usually on the first page on the western forum for anybody that is interested.

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Seems to me the title should be "Where to ride in western British Columbia". There's nothing in there for the Rockies or any of the other western provinces.

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Not much in here for the flatlands, so here goes.
Drumheller has some pretty sweet terrain for downhill, you just have to make your own trails
The Waskahegan Trail (Edmonton-Camrose-Miquelon Lake) has some pretty good biking
Waskahegan Trail Association
Most river valleys in Central Alberta are pretty fun to ride, and if you can get landowner permission, a well-packed, dry cattle track makes for some amazingly fast singletrack.
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