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Where to MTB xc single-track in Ellicottville?

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Ok, so I'm leaving today, finally, for my long mtb road trip. I will eventually make it on over to Lake Placid and East Burke VT. as my main destinations, however, today I'm thinking of just getting into NY and hitting Ellicottville to camp tonight, and ride tomorrow, before heading to Lake Placid and VT.

Where are the good places to ride in the Ellicottville area? Are there enough good trails in the area of Allegany State Park? Or do I need to venture elsewhere? Down to PA or back up to Letchworth? I'm planning to camp in Allegany State Park, or Letchworth as a fallback.

Any thoughts on where the better Ellicottville xc singletrack mtb riding is would be greatly appreciated.

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Pick up this months issue of Bike Magazine, they review the riding in Ellicottville and give some info on places to call for info.
go to . The best trails are right in E-Ville. Check the maps there.
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