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Where to mount Joplin remote lever?

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Any suggestions from those with adjustable seat posts about where to mount the remote lever? Left side of handle bar, right side of handle bar? How close in to the other controls? Rotate forward slightly? (pics appreciated) Thanks!

(BTW - I'm right handed)
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are you right or left handed? try out what feels good. move it around and keep it where you like it.
on bar so that it is pushed with thumb so you can brake and shift while moving your seat
Don't have a pic with me, but I mount mine on the right at the bottom of the bar. That way I can push the lever with my thumb and still grip the bar. Works like a bomb.
Mine's on the top of the bar as close to the shifter as possible. That way I can compress it with my thumb & still grab a handful of brake lever for a drop. That "is" when I drop the seatpost
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