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Where to go from Barnegat?

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Hey all. I'm seeing someone seriously in Barnegat and wondering where to head from there for trails. I usually ride southeast PA, like the Wiss and High Rocks but the Wiss is about an hour and a half I'm guessing. The only good riding I know of would be up in Hartshorne. I'm thinking that's a couple hours away. I'm willing to do some driving for strange trail but didn't know if there was anything closer. Thanks!
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Allaire is probably your best bet. I would guess less than 45min from Barnegat. See for details.
Thanks Sachem. My girlfriend mentioned that the place is LOADED with ticks. Is it so bad that if I wear tights and a l/s jersey and/or bug spray that I'll still be covered with them? I'm not trying to get my lyme disease on. Thanks.
You can't drive through the Jersey Pine Barrens without getting a tick on you. One thing you can try is to grab a cardboard matchbook, tear off about two or three matches and eat the head of the matchstick. I know it sounds disgusting but it really doesn't taste bad but it works. When you sweat the sulfur comes out of your pores which keeps the ticks away. I've done this in the Navy Reserves out in the woods around Lakehurst.
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