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where to buy Nevegal?

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bike bling is $27.00 after 10% code (realdeal - thx to this forum). Anyone seen any better?

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+1 on beyond bikes. Just recieved 4 nevegals for about 23 a tire inc. shipping.:thumbsup:
blueskycycling has 'em for $28.98.
UST's are $32.98
BeyondBike...placed order Tues 6/16, received email stating they will ship 6/22, received another email 6/17 that they shipped and UPS says they're in route. Has BeyondBikes straightened out their problems or was this a fluke?

anyway, Nev's were $21.xx/ea with the sizzle code.
ok - Thanks everyone. Let's see if Beyondbikes has fixed their well documented problems...
I snagged 6 nevegal 2.1 UST using the sizzle code, they came yesterday (Thur)
total w tax etc $151 - about $25 each Out the door
How long does the sale last?

What size does everyone like F&R? 2.1?

Is the 1.95 any good on the rear?
Looks like a great deal. I've got Nevegals on my new Giant Trance X2 and they work great even though the rolling resistance is pretty noticeable. I'm a little sketched about the durability.
man..just tried..looks like the discount is gone
marcuslemarc said:
man..just tried..looks like the discount is gone
I just tried it. Still worked for me....
I checked last night to see if the code still worked. For a Nevegal 2.1 DTC the price was now $15.82. :eek: I checked this morning since a friend wanted a pair but the code is no longer valid....

Does it still work for anyone else?
I missed out on this deal. Any other deals for Nevegal's or Small block 8's floating around?

I've gotten good deals on ebay. There are a bunch of Nev's for sale.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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