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Where to buy mounts for CountourHD

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Hi Folks,

Does anyone know of any stores in the seattle/bellevue area that have an extensive selection of ContourHD mounts? I'm specifically looking for the Profile mounts. The only place I know of that sells the cameras themselves is REI and Evo, but neither have the profile mount. I don't want to order online as i'm leaving for a trip to whistler tomorrow and hoping to find something right away. I'm trying the 3m dual lock stuff and that seems to be ok, but i really want a better solution.

any suggestions?
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The best selection I have seen is at Glazer's camera in Seattle. They have just about every accessory for the Contour.
If that fails, my buddy who works at Contour said you can order online and pick it up at their office today.
I would call around to anyone that sells the countour. I got all my mounts online but since that isn't an option for you I would try camera stores, sporting good, etc etc. I have seen them in snowboarding shops before and such. REI sells the camera and mounts.

I use the flat mount (that came with the camera) on my motorcycle helmet and it sticks pretty good. I have the camera mounted upside down stuck to the bottom of the visor. It has the best chance of coming off the way I have it mounted but it has been pretty solid.
thanks for the tips, I didn't think to check out the camera stores.

r1de, where are the contour offices? I wouldn't mind just doing that. I'd probably by the profile mounts, the car mount, and the universal mount.

My buddy says: We are at 3131 Western Ave, Suite 410, Seattle 98121. *He should submit a web-order first though - we can't process anything here. *He should then send an email to [email protected] that he is coming to pick it up.
I did end up going to Glazers. They have a pretty big selection of mounts for Contour and for GoPro. however, they didn't have the profile mount that I was looking for. I called Contour, but they told me I couldn't pick it up from them directly. So I ended up picking up the rotating helmet mount. It worked really well on my helmet.

However, I got back to my helmet room and kinda tossed my helmet on the floor and the mount popped off. The adhesive didn't hold it on to the helmet. I'll probably just order those profile mounts from Contour. they have a larger surface for the adhesive so I imagine it'll hold on better.


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