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Where to buy FAT in European Union

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I'm trying to find fat bike reseller in EU. I found Surly's dealer. What about other brands?
I like best 9:zero:7, but it looks I'll pay twice the prize in transport, VAT & duty.
Our Czech Duratec is also nice but really to expensive.

I'd like to sell my classical bike Kellys Madman and use only my Hardcore for long distance with luggage and fat for not so easy, snowy and muddy shorter trips, may be also for long distance during winter.

- Why to buy Cr-Mo Pug? Why to buy Alu?
- What hub combination shall I use? Both the same (9 sprocket)?
- What rims? double ones, or wider?
- What tires? How it looks with Endomorph durability?
- Does it look I can use most of parts from Kellys?
(frame Hydroforming Aluminum alloy triple butted fork SR SUNTOUR Raidon LO Air, 100mm, air / Lockout head parts RITCHEY Logic Zero integrated crankset TRUVATIV ISOflow Power Spline (44x32x22T) shifters SHIMANO Deore (08) SL-M530 Rapidfire Plus f/derailleur SHIMANO Deore LX M581 r/derailleur SHIMANO Deore LX M581 cassette sprocket SHIMANO CS-HG50-9 (11-34T) brakes SHIMANO (08) M485 Hydraulic Disc hubs SHIMANO M495 Disc Center Lock rims KBIX WMX Disc tires KBIX 2.0 Nomad - Silica Dual compound stem RITCHEY handlebar RITCHEY Comp seat post RITCHEY saddle KBIX DriveLine PRO-Comp pedals VP alloy / steel)

ThanX for any advice to newbie. ;-)
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still waiting for more pictures of bikes or anything.. like a website
Pictures of what? Of bike I'm just thinking about? 8-D
Waiting for more info/pictures of the sandman bikes...
I found only these:
( Forum Index » MTB Nieuws » sandman bikes)
Look also to second page, there are some frames.

This is nice, but Surly is easiest and cheapest one in Europe.

But my favorites (design) are and 9:zero:7
Two others - ancestor of Big Paw:
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hi, im wondering is chain reaction cycles in ireland a related shop to chain reaction cycles in alaska?, anyone asked?, or is it just a name coincidence if not i will give them a phone and find out..
if there was only someone who would (see the light) and be a european importer/distributer for fatbike stuff here in the UK or infact anywhere in the EU..not much chance of it happening in the UK as i dont think the fatbike revoloution will ever happen now...i mean the pugsley has been out for about 3-4 years?,folk here still just dont get it..i think theres only about 20 max been built in the UK... everyone seems happy riding 26" mud tyres and cutting up the trails...

this singletrack magazine tyre width pole sums up riders preferences here in the UK....

preferred tyre width is...

* 2.1in- 2.2in (51%, 78 Votes)
* 2.3-2.4in (42%, 64 Votes)
* 1.9in-2.0in (7%, 11 Votes)
* Never above 1.5in... (0%, 0 Votes)
* 1.8in or less! (0%, 0 Votes)
* 2.5in plus! (0%, 0 Votes)

still...., leaves the unridable areas of coast and real soft stuff for the real enthusiasts :thumbsup:
in the meantime i would just support surly and build a pugsley unless you can get help from the belgium company... what i tell anyone here in the UK who asks me as only surly interested so far...the other companys seem happy enough with there american sales :sad:
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im building a pugsley in the UK , amassing parts as we speak!
where about are you cozz? :)
I asked all manufacturers I found. They could send their fats. Basic usable models are approx 2000$. But You have to pay tax & shipping. So it could cost circa 4000& at the end. And this is the price for titan bike in US. ;-(

In whole Europe You have three legal possibilities or You can fly for some to Alaska:
- Surly (Germany & UK)
- Sandman (Italy) - only frames & forks
- Duratec (Czech Republic) -
Jan Kopka - distributor of Duratec - won Alaska Iditarod 2007 on older version - something like this -

Now he organizes 3 days snow bike camps is northern Czech on Big Paw bikes.
This one I participated in:

And he does also longer trips in Lapland (Finland)

If You'll like these photos (I suppose You cannot read articles ;-)), You can contact him here:
Murphy1976 said:
- Sandman (Italy) - only frames & forks
Sandman are from Belgium!

What ever,
A complete Fat Bike you can't simply find one at a shop in europe, face it, it's a niche
product, maybe not in alaska but in europe for sure.

An example for a Pugs in germany, despite availability, on parts you can't avoid:

Surly Pugsley frame & fork: 500-600 Euro ~ 13000-15600 CZK
Surly Large Marge DH offset Rims (welded 2010): 120 Euro each ~ 3120 CZK (XC offset 150 Euro each ~3900 CZK) (2009 on sale)
Surly Endo/Larry: 90 Euro each ~ 2340 CZK
Surly Innertubes: 10 Euro each ~ 260 CZK

100mm BBs:
Truvativ GigaPipe Team DH ISIS 35 Euro ~ 910 CZK
FSA Platinum Pro DH ISIS 90 Euro (at CRC UK on sale for 45 Euro ~ 1170 CZK)
Truvativ Howitzer Team 40 Euro ~ 1040 CZK

All other parts are standard, no special parts needed
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Ah - sorry. Somebody told me so and I believed. ;-)
I had 1500 pounds offer from UK ( including shipping for whole bike (SRAM X9, BB7, ...). and are the same company? It seems not as US CRC wrote me they have no distributor in Europe.
Murphy1976 said:
Ah - sorry. Somebody told me so and I believed. ;-)
I had 1500 pounds offer from UK ( including shipping for whole bike (SRAM X9, BB7, ...). and are the same company? It seems not as US CRC wrote me they have no distributor in Europe. has nothing to do with CRC US
Surly doesn't offer a Pugs complete bike, the shop in UK quite likely build
one if you want one.
velopax said:
Surly doesn't offer a Pugs complete bike, the shop in UK quite likely build
one if you want one.
Yes, that's it. But this shop was suggested by Surly and the price looks cca simmilar to what You have written.
Why the hassle?
I am sure in Prague is a good bike shop, they can assist you to build one
on your own, the parts you can order online, is not a big thing, there are a
lot of online shops in germany and also that ship to Czech Republic.
If you don't know which parts fit, that's the reason for this forum and some
of the weirdos here like me
Im in the UK and am seriously thinking about getting a fat bike even thinking of selling one of my Harleys to get some £,s to pay for it.
I was hopeing to get my wife cycling some more so we could have 1 each but she,s not taken to cycling very well i will wait for the warmer weather and try to get her out more often.:D
Sandman is going to offer complete bikes, about 95% of the questions are about complete bikes. Seems that in Europe most people are afraid of "venturing into the unknown" with such a build.
So they'll offer their frames with 3 or 4 build "packages": high end, decent sturdy stuff, basic and expedition. Talks are under way with a mechanic for taylormade builds, which will also be possible.
If you drop them a line they'll keep you informed as to when and what.

I'm building another Sandman which will be rather "special" :D, won't be ready for another month or two to get all the parts in. I'm going to participate with it in this thingy:
pugsley in the UK...

my pugsley was built at glentress shop the the hub here in scotlland UK
isin are UK distributers for surly
not a problem getting a pugsley built for you in the UK...sometimes theres a wait for some parts..this now its tyres...i ordered mine from jenson USA when ordered my parts for the build, £1500-1700 will build a decent spec pugsley in the UK with sealed hubs,headset,BB7 discs, 2x9 sram X7/ shimano XT, easton EA50 stem,bars etc...

a few shops that have built them include;

the hub in the forest
triton cycles
chevin cycles
billys cycles
brixton cycles
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ive just ordered xc marges and 2 endos from jenson, couple of hope hubs and it'll be sweet

so i guess you dont need to find stuff in theEU - just find a supplier that will ship stuff

last stuff i got from jenson arrived in 3 days from the US
Parts in CZ are cca of the same price as in UK. And if somebody build the bike for me from parts I choose and give me bike 150 pounds cheaper then parts together costs in their e-shop... In this case I'll prefer complete bike. :cool:
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