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Today has been a day full of smoke. Today, I received my brand new 2006 Smoke which I quickly began building up with the nicer parts. This is going to be my commuter/everyday bike. I had originally planned on keeping the fenders, but when I got the bike I thought I was missing some hardware. I left them off and really like how it looks. I may end up putting them on once I start riding and deem it necessary.

Then, this evening, my uncle gave me a brand new Smoker. Today seems to be full of smoke. As soon as I get a propane tank, I'll really be smoking (yes I realize you don't really smoke meat with propane, but this thing can also be used with charcoal). I chose not to attach a picture of the smoker, but I will upon request.


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HA! I saw that bike last night while returning by new riding shoes (size 46 = too small :( ). And as I write this, I'm at work enjoying my lunch of leftover ribs that I smoked on Christams day (using wood, of course).

Too funny.

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