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Apologies for a naive question - I confess I have only had time for cursory research, so any references to other threads on this topic would be welcome.

The story: I'm brand new to north-central Idaho, moved here 3 days ago. I find myself suddenly blessed with the opportunity to take a 3-4 day road trip. Would like to leave tomorrow, Saturday morning or mid-day, so this is a last minute shot in the dark request.

Where should I go?

I would like to do some aggressive trail riding, perhaps tick a couple longer (25-40 mile) classic rides, probably in Idaho or Montana. I'll be starting in Moscow, Idaho.

Based on a combination of relatively reasonable drive and potential access given snow conditions, I'm now thinking Missoula and/or Whitefish. Would these be worthy destinations this time of year? Any thoughts of other areas that might be better?

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