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When you switched, what did you do with your 26er?

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What did you all do with your 26er's? I stole the parts I needed to build my 29er, now I am thinking about building a commuter out of it.
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Set it up for my teenage son. Now it is his trail and jump bike.
Sold it (cove stiffee) beat the crap out of me and crap uphill, good handling though.
EBay became my friend.
I tried Craigslist....but got too many pests ( tire kickers, gabbers and folks wanting to trade)
Had to do a lot of boxing and shipping...but well worth not dealing with the wierdos.
Almost all the 26 stuff is gone....2 vintage frames left
Mine is hanging on the wall next to my 29er. It's a great backup bike and I won't get enough out of selling it to replace it with a similarly spec'd bike.
Don't switch. Change up. Ride 'em both.
Going once.....

Going twice....



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Had a Turner Burner and a Specialized Stumpjumper HT.

Parted out and sold on Ebay. Only regret selling the Turner...such a nice bike.

Kept my first montain bike though...a 1993 MT400 Raleigh using Tomac's race geometry. Not that great of a bike, but has awesome sentimental value. Now I use that bike to ride with the kids around the neigborhood.
someplace in the garage
Hanging on my ceiling for my out of town friends to ride.
Still got my FS 26er (Giant Anthem 0), however I haven't ridden it since I got my rigid SS 29er.


In the middle of parting it out right now.......
My '92 Specialized Hardrock rigid is now a full-time commuter bike complete with snap-on fenders, lights, combo tires and studded tires in the winter.
Ran over it with my gigantic 29" tires.

Really, it was sold within 2 months. Thought about picking up a hard tail, but after a ride on the 29er, I don't see the need.

I did, however, have a 1998 Gary Fisher Big Sur I bought new. Too bad it was stolen. If I ever get that back (1:10^4324 chance), that's the only 26" bike I'd ever hold on to.
Mountain Bikes never die. They just morph and get angry when you don't ride 'em.
It sits at home on the other side of the country, so that I have a bicycle to ride when I go home. I've considered selling it, but it has great sentimental value.

My dad got a 29er recently, so I thought that I'd be able to ride that when I go home. He's loving it so much, though, that I think I'll have to ride my 26er with him.
Still ride it, both bikes satisfy different mindsets.
I kept them both, el Saltamontes and el Ciclon and still love them both. I really enjoy the differences in riding a 26er and a 29er and the way they both can add or change the way I ride. Why get rid? I suppose if my 29er (El Mariachi) was not SS and hard tail I may think different.
Sold all of mine at the bike swap meet held by an LBS. Also sold a lot of old Campy parts that had been accumulating over the years.
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