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I'll throw it all out there, for feed back. Main two points are weight training and ride quality.

Planning on my first 24 solo attempt in the late spring. I am an average Joe. This will not be a competitve effort, just sort of to see what I can do alone, no plans on being competitve.

I have been doing less riding and more cross training to include weight training, swimming and some running this winter. The base miles are there, I put in approximately 4,500 mi in 2008.

I usually lift 2-3 times a week and do an (almost) full body workout Chest, back/shoulders, core and legs. (schedule determines time in the gym)

I have been pushing it on the leg workouts lately, trying to build strength. I can feel improvements when well rested but also feel fatigue (naturally) when following up workouts with rides.

I am considering backing off the weight training and moving to "circuit traning" as the solo events approach.

I have read some on the topics but would like hear first hand experience.

For those who are using weight training, how far in advance are you backing off? Six weeks, 8 weeks, three months?

Has anyone transitioned from strength/free weight to more of a machine/circuit training routine as the 'season' approaches?

For now (until the days get a bit longer) I am riding 40-100 mi mon-fri with weekend rides building, focusing on time in the saddle on the MTB and not so much on distances.

Plan also calls for back to back night/morn rides as spring approaches. So Friday night, out after dark for a few hours, back home, up before dawn and back out on the trails.

I know there is plenty of info on here about this but I figured I would ask again, from an average joe, non competitve.

And yes, nutrition and hydration is something I am working on (this is damn near as hard if not harder than riding itself)


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I stopped lifting about a year ago in favor of yoga, but prior had lifted for about 4-5 years. I always lifted year round and always have used free weights. From October through mid February I would lift 3 days a week with a full body routine to get legs, back, shoulders, chest, core, arms etc. During the time from mid February until races started I backed off on the legs by about 20% and dropped down to 2 days a week. In peak season 1-2 days a week of upper body only.

The routine and amount never seemed to put me in much of a hole and the benefits to upper body were great. I had little to no fatigue in arms after long, technical rides etc.

Hope this helps.
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