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Brit on a trip
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After a very wet autumn and weeks of biking lost to too much work it has been a great holiday break in the UK coinciding with some cold frosty weather to harden up the ground. Several days of freezing mist followed by a couple of sunny days has been pure magic - for riding and the winter wonderland effect of the frost coating everything;

Yesterday afternoon I went up to Llaneglwys Woods near Brecon (Wales) to look at the trails built there by the local MTB club. Unfortunately the trails have been trashed by motorcycles but I spent a couple of hours exploring and freezing my fingers off playing with the camera;

The sun starts to shift the last of the mist in the car park

Hoar frost on everything

Normally very dark in young plantations - not so dark today

Sunny side of the hill just before dusk - backlit woods

Further down the track - touch of coloured sunlight

Freezing cold on the shady side of the hill!

Quite close to the real colour for once

Moody skyline at dusk - Brecon Beacons on the skyline

Last gasp of the sun - and a very cold descent back to the car

Today was a whole nother thing - rock hard frost overnight and brilliant sunshine from the get go - perfect for some fun in the Black Mountains. These comprise an east west escarpment and ridgeline with a series of long valleys and ridges extending to the south. We did a short but high octane loop at the extreme east end, away from our normal playground.

The next ridge to the west of us - not snow but very heavy hoar frost

Up the icy bank and......

......hard left over the frozen stream on slick ice....very carefully and very straight!

Near the top of the climb - a rare sight this blue stuff - what is it?!

Cheeky little singletrack clings to the hillside - great fun this

Crossing the moorland - cold breeze up here but fabulaous views

Views off the escarpment

Nearing the final ridgeline descent - no need for rose tinted specs here!

Further down and below the sunline - the first of a series of rocky step downs before the crazy steep end of the hill

Another fine sunset numbs the fingers as we load the car up and the temparature plumments again

After a day like this the weeks of wet dull darkness are swept aside, although probably only for a very short time. Somehow intense cold is so much more bearable if there is sunlight and I take that over wet and warm anyday:thumbsup:

Even better is the prospect of making the Arizona Spring Fling this year:cool:

amar la vida de dos niner
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Looks like braving the cold was worth it! Certainly glad to hear you got some riding time in.

Lots of gorgeous shots there, especially the "moody" stuff with the hoar frost. But I admit that this one is my fav. I like to visit mountains, and one reason is for beautiful valley views like this. That looks like absolutely lovely country. I bet it's really lush in the warmer months.

Thanks for the post! :thumbsup:


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Ah, beautiful pics man. Not sure why I hadn't clicked on this thread before.... thought it would be more Austin City Park stuff for some reason.

Not even close. A whole 'nother world indeed. Nice work.

Oh, and if you're importing these from a hosting site light Flickr... you don't have to use the image tag button at the top of this box..... just copy the URL and paste directly into this text box.

I love this one.


too late to die young now
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beauty - I was reminded of the Tors and 'forests' of Dartmoor National Park (minus the bogs =)

good stuff!
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